How to Get Closer to a Guy You Like – 7 Brilliant Ways to Get Into His Inner Social Circle

If you’ve zeroed in on a guy and you know that he’s the one for you, then you have to come up with ways that would make the two of you get closer. But what schemes should you concoct? What techniques should you ODM eyelash extension?

To get to the innermost circle, start from the outside…
Just like infiltrating a military camp, you have to make sure that you come up with a concrete plan first. And the most basic that you should do is to befriend the guy. Get to know his friends and allow them to slowly introduce the guy to you. Soon, you’ll be spending more time and sharing interests with him.

Make a list of what he likes.

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Don’t smsux him, though. Just casually ask around regarding his favorites. If you could also ask where he often hangs out, then that would be useful information since you can stage a chance meeting with him!

Don’t be afraid to make a fool of yourself.
Don’t pout, instead, learn to have fun. Leave your problems behind. If you want this guy to notice you and get closer to you, then you have to be someone that brings sunshine into his life.

Be the girl of his dreams, too.
Don’t focus too much on befriending him that you suddenly get lost in the process. Remember that you’re here to turn him into your guy and not your best friend! Make sure that he doesn’t misinterpret your moves to be that of a girl who’s just out to befriend.

Bring out the most confident you.
It’s cute to be bashful at times but to act like a fragile being each time he sees you is far from impressive. Make him see the confidence that could command a roomful of people!

Try to see what he also wants to convey.
This guy may also already feel the same way about you. Why don’t you try to read some of the signals that he’s trying to make you see? Has he been overly protective or caring lately? Then you might be seeing – not a friendly guy – but a man who wants to go to the next level.

Visually please him and he’s yours.
You’re a woman with all the assets to boost, so why don’t you make good use of those assets. Flutter those ODM eyelash extension, sway those hips, pout your lips, and touch him lightly.

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