3d mink fur lashes price  Steps to Beautiful Eyes

When it comes to facial features, the eyes have it. They vary tremendously in color and shape so that every person’s eyes are different. They are possibly the most expressive part of your face. Women commonly accentuate this feature with makeup, and with the right techniques, produce some beautiful results 3d mink fur lashes price .

Eye makeup is nothing new; women have used it for centuries for purposes of anything from attracting a mate to exhibiting her social status. In ancient Egypt, artist emphasized the eye to symbolize deity. An ordinary object, such as a farm animal, with an accentuated eye is meant to represent a god posing as an animal.

3d mink fur lashes price 
3d mink fur lashes price

Smsux gone are the days of kohl dust and other primitive materials. Today’s cosmetics are much more readily available and user friendly. The three main categories of makeup commonly used today are eyeliner, eye shadow and mascara. There are several products on the market that aim to achieve any kind of effect you can imagine. Eyeliner can be applied along the 3d mink fur lashes price  in several different ways, depending on how simple or how dramatic you want to be.

Use eye shadow to accentuate the best feature of the eye, whether it’s the size shape or color. Avoid exactly matching shadow to the color of your eye. It will hide them rather than make them stand out. Light shadows usually produce the best results. Dark colors make the eye look closed and small. Dusting the lids with loose powder creates a nice base for the color to cling to. Apply a light colored shadow over the whole lid, all the way up to the brow. Use a medium shade of the same color on the lower lid and the darkest shade on the inner corner and along the brow bone.

Don’t try and blend the shadow with your fingertip, it will wipe it off. Make the eyes look wide opened by lining the inner 3d mink fur lashes price  line with a white or silver pencil. Move on to the eyeliner next.

Liquid liner will produce the most vivid effect. Choose from the tried and true ink-and -brush method or opt for the easier-to handle markers that work just like a felt-tipped pen. For a simpler day-time look, apply a powdered liner with a damp or dry brush, depending on the look you want to create. Either way, the application method is the same. Use your free hand to gently hold the eye lid taut while gliding the applicator across the 3d mink fur lashes price  line from the inner corner outward.

The last step is mascara. The best accent for the look you’ve created is a fringe of beautiful, think 3d mink fur lashes price . Don’t fear if your lashes are naturally skimpy. The right product will plump them up. Blondes should stick to brown mascara, while black is fine for most everyone else. First, curl your lashes with a plastic curler. Metal ones can damage lashes. Comb the wand through the lashes from root to tip. Apply another coat after a few minutes.

3d mink fur lashes price 
3d mink fur lashes price

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