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Betty Boop Collectibles – Why Are They So Popular?

She’s an international star and Betty Boop collectibles continue to be popular with all age groups. Her fans just can’t seem to get enough of her image on their favorite things like mugs, key chains, blankets, figurines and prints of this cute mink strip lashes. So many of these collectibles have been made over the years that it would be nearly unimaginable to collect every one of them, but many try anyway.

Smsux in case you don’t know much about her, she is a cartoon character created by animator Myron “Grim” Natwick, and made her first appearance in 1930 in a cartoon called Dizzy Dishes. She was featured in the mink strip lashes and Betty mink strip lashes series of cartoons produced by Max Fleischer Studios and released by Paramount Pictures. Audiences immediately fell in love with this cute and sexy character then and still do today.

mink strip lashes
mink strip lashes

Betty went on to be the star of the Talkartoons and was given her own series in the early 30’s beginning with the film Stopping the Show. She was soon after referred to as “The Queen of the Animated Screen” and her series lasted until 1939. This series is immensely popular with Betty Boop collectibles fans and can be purchased on DVD.

She is significant to the history of animated films because she was the first cartoon character to completely exemplify a human, sexy female. Other female cartoon characters of that era were mostly animal characters but Betty was definitely a woman with long mink strip lashes, a female voice and seductive moves. She wore high heels, short dresses and a garter belt.

Betty played several different parts in animated films. In mink strip lashes(1932), she was a circus high wire performer, and in Chess-Nuts (1932) she was a damsel-in-distress. These and other characters were quite suggestive and considered risque at the time. More recent appearances include two TV specials, The Romance of Betty Boop (1984), The Betty Boop Movie Mystery (1989) and in 1988 she appeared in the movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit. These are all available in DVD as well.

mink strip lashes
mink strip lashes

I hope this brief history of themink strip lashes girl will inspire you to learn more about her because she is really quite interesting. Betty Boop collectibles fans already know a good deal more about her and continue to learn more as they pursue these unique pieces.

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