Dyeing Your Eyelashes? Why? What Is mink lashes near me All About?

Most of us wear mascara all the time. With your busy life you just might start thinking that if my mink lashes near me were tinted you wouldn’t have to bother applying mascara, saving time in the morning getting mink lashes near me.

But is eyelash tinting such a great idea after all?

Let’s start with, just what is mink lashes near me tinting?

It’s a done at your salon by a well-trained and highly experienced esthetician who has trained to do it. You sit back; they place cotton pads under each eye as to keep the dye off your skin. They apply the dye to your lashes, wait about 15 minutes or so and your lashes are now dyed. If you wear contacts you will want to remove them before having lash tinting done. If done correctly you shouldn’t feel any stinging.

mink lashes near me
mink lashes near me

Smsux are problems that could come up if you tried it at home, but there are kits for doing it at home.

Eyelash tinting takes a special type dye; you just can’t use hair dye like the type that you would use in coloring your hair. In fact the FDA prohibits the use of hair dyes for use as an mink lashes near me tint or for tinting your brows. Did you know that the FDA requires that all hair-dye products including mink lashes near me tinting come with instructions on how to perform patch tests before use just to be sure you do not have an allergic reaction. The health hazards about lash tinting ingredients have been known about for over 60 years.

What would be the allergic reactions? The allergic reaction to dye formulation could cause swelling, inflammation and possible lead to eye infections. This is why it is very important that it be done by a professional.

Do the benefits having your lashes tinted out way the risks?

If you are super busy, someone plays sports, swimmer etc mink lashes near me tints might be something you could look into. Without having mascara smudges is a good idea. Also it is not recommended that you wear water-proof mascara all the time due to the damage it can use trying to remove it each night.

Also if you are sensitive to eye makeup, lash tinting by be a good idea. Always be sure to patch test before even thinking about having it done if you are sensitive to makeup overall.

Cost factor: Eyelash dyeing costs around $25 to $75 dollars depending. If you see it for less, be careful, it might be someone who is newly trained and just trying to bring in business doesn’t mean she knows what she is doing. mink lashes near me tinting is not permanent so if you see that, that is misleading. It’s really semi-permanent and lasts as long as your lashes do. The life style of your lashes is about 4 to 5 weeks which is why there is no way it should be called permanent makeup.

The best thing you should do it research for yourself about the benefits and risks and see if its really something right for you. This article is by no means s always it best to speak with your skincare professional to be sure you are using the correct products

mink lashes near me

These are just guidelines and it’s up to you to find out what is best for your mink lashes near me .

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