Mink and silk lashes – To Enhance Your Charm!

Mink and silk lashes extensions is one of the latest trends to hit the fashion industry round the globe. The treatments using mascara and others have become a thing of the past and nowadays, it is the eyelash extensions that holds the market. They have rapidly taken over and are very quickly emerging as the most popular beauty treatment therapy.

Whatever you are looking for – a slight betterment of your eyebrow style or complete revolutionary treatment of the same – eyelash extensions therapy can get them all for you. The extensions are usually one half or one third longer than the natural mink and silk lashes  size and most of the good quality lashes are totally water resistant.

A trained beauty professional must be chosen to apply the eyelash extensions as it directly affects the charm of your face. It may take around an hour depending on professional doing the extension. You will have to lie down on a comfortable couch and close your eyes. Then your eyes are prepped and all lashes transformed. New mink and silk lashes are attached one by one to your existing lashes which deliberately raise the beauty of your face, more than ever before. The process is surprisingly very quick and painless.

mink and silk lashes
mink and silk lashes

smsux well set eyelash can last for slightly more than a month and will fall out with your natural set of lashes. And then, you’ll have to revisit a beauty technician to put up the same once again.

Lots of colors and dimensions are available when it comes to choosing the right extension type for yourself. They are picked up by you according to your preference and applied by the beauty expert. And for a special occasion, you should even go on to have a trial set done so that you have the right look on D-Day.

So, if you want to bring out your gorgeous self, you must look out for a nearest mink and silk lashes

mink and silk lashes
mink and silk lashes

extensions beauty expert.


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