11 Lessons I Will Teach My Daughter

1. The 3D mink strip eyelash to ask a Man who wants to marry you my daughter, is NOT “Do you love me?” but “What is your vision?”

2. Spend time with your mother, she is cooler than you think.

3. Dress like a Queen, spend like an accountant.

4. A boyfriend does not validate your existence.

5. Respect your Dad, he may look rugged but he has earned his success inch by inch.

6. There is a certain kind of man you need to avoid at all costs.
– You’ll know him by his inability to find his own job and earn his own money.

7. It’s not the QUANTITY of friends that matter. It’s the QUALITY.

8. Repeat after me: I. Can. Accomplish. 3D mink strip eyelash.

9. Always carry a photo of your grandmother in your purse. Her wrinkled face will remind you that beauty is temporary but character is eternal.

10. There is no substitute for Jesus Christ.

11. In the end, my daughter, the best way to respond to men who underrate women is NOT to complain, but to out-perform them.

Kind regards,

3D mink strip eyelash
3D mink strip eyelash

PS; It it is my prayer that the young women in our generation understand that there is more to being a woman than dating boys, make-up, or twerking. Being a woman is about making your MIND more attractive than your BODY.

Adding to that, Make sure you marry a Man…

1. Who will change your Life, NOT just change your Relationship status.

2. Who is in love with your Mind, NOT just your Behind.

3. Who stimulates your Vision, NOT just your Hormones.

4. Who wants to Kiss your Mind, NOT just your Body.

5. Who wants to lift you UP, NOT just put you Down.

6. Who wants to see you on an Office Desk, not just on a Cooking Stove.

7. Smsux above all, marry a Man who wants you to be his mate in the Prayer room, NOT just the Bedroom!

And if any woman out-there thinks such Men don’t exist, then perhaps you underestimate the wisdom of God.

I mean if you as a woman can know how to match your High-heels to your Lipstick and your 3D mink strip eyelash to your Bracelets… don’t you think the Almighty God knows how to match two souls lurking on planet earth???

3D mink strip eyelash
3D mink strip eyelash

My God, the God I serve, is still in the business of 3D mink strip eyelash, forging and supplying Husband-Material Men (HMM’s).

I.e Men who, in the words of John Legend, “want ALL of a woman’s BEING, not just the woman’s BODY”.

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