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Qingdao Smsux International Trading Co., Ltd. is a eyelash manufacturer and mink lash vendors of eyelash products with well-equipped facilities and strong technical force.

eyelash wholesale vendors

eyelash wholesale vendors

With a wide range, good quality, reasonable prices and stylish designs, our mink lashes products are extensively used in Beauty & Personal Care.Our main products includes false eyelashes, eyelash extensions, eyelash glue, tweezers, 25mm mink lashes.

eyelash wholesale vendor

eyelash wholesale vendor

We has a professional custom eyelash packaging team and strong quality control, certification of production management team,the products sell well in Europe, the United States, Australia, South Korea, Japan and other countries and regions.

eyelash vendors

eyelashes vendor

high-quality products and comprehensive after-sales service to win the majority of domestic and foreign customers recognition and praise.We welcome new and old customers from all walks of life to contact Smsux mink lash vendors for future business relationships and mutual success!

custom lash box packaging

custom lash box packaging

When it comes to the eyelash brand building , you should do Custom Eyelash Packaging to show your brand and method to your customer, so what you should do is to find a professional Custom Eyelash Packaging Vendor , and make sure they are Eyelash Packaging Factory or Custom Eyelash Packaging Factory if you want to Buy Custom Eyelash Packaging with a good wholesale price.

wholesale eyelashes and custom packaging
wholesale eyelashes and custom packaging

1 what should you do before you do custom eyelash packaging ?

First , you should have a brand name.

A good brand name can easily be remembered by your customer. So you should make a good brand name first before you do custom lashes packaging.

empty eyelash boxes wholesale

empty eyelash boxes wholesale

Second , you should have a professional logo .

If you have no idea about your logo, you can do it by Fiverr, and you can spend 25 to 55 USD to get a professional one.

wholesale false eyelash packaging box

wholesale false eyelash packaging box

You can also add whatsapp008618661816269 to get a free logo.

lash boxes wholesale
lash boxes wholesale

Third, you should have a Eyelash tagline or lashes slogan.

lash venders
lash venders

And this may be funny, and interesting. Less is more. So people can remember you and your brand easily.

lashes manufacturer
lashes manufacturer

Fourth , Your social media.

mink eyelashes vendors
mink eyelashes vendors

You should add your social media on the back of the box.

mink lashes vendors
mink lashes vendors

So people will find you when they want to make a second order.

cheap custom eyelash packaging
cheap custom eyelash packaging

2 How to make your custom eyelash packaging order ?

wholesale lashes suppliers
wholesale lashes suppliers

You should pay attention to this issues when you make a custom eyelash packaging order, and make sure you choose the right eyelash packaging vendor .

eyelash extension vendors
eyelash extension vendors

First, eyelash custom packaging(Minimum Order Quantity)

Each Lash Custom Packaging Manufacturer have MOQ limit because the machine begin with minimum material, if you order just one , the rest material will be wasted.

eyelash manufacturer usa
eyelash manufacturer usa

But each Eyelash Packaging Vendor have different MOQ limit in the market.

So have high MOQ limit but with low price, some with low MOQ but high price.
For example , most eyelash packaging vendor have 200 MOQ limit, and if you do 50 eyelash custom packaging or 100 lashes custom packaging , they won’t design and produce for you .

So , what should do if you want to order 50 Eyelash Custom Box ? You should find a Eyelash Custom Packaging Supplierwith low MOQ and low price.

Second, the color of your eyelash custom packaging.

You should choose the color from your logo if you want to make a professional eyelash custom packaging .
You can also choose a same hue color to make a good appearance.
Besides, you should choose a color that can attracts people’s attention. Such as red eyelash custom packaging, orange,black, white,pink , rose gold.

Third, the material of the lashes custom box .


There are three kind lashes custom box in the market.

The first one is paper box.

This box is made of paper , which is light and cheap.
The second one is card-board box .

This one is the most popular box in the market. And the other name is magnetic box. This box is much more heavier and expensive than paper box.

The third one is acrylic box .

which is made of clear acrylic, so your customer can see the details of your lashes easily.

So you can choose all the lashes custom box from this three material .
and different material different cost, if you want to get the lowest price , you can add whatsapp008618661816269 to get the cheap wholesale price.

Fourth , the shape of the box .

The first one is square box.

If you order this box , you will choose the square tray to match the box .

The second one is rectangle box.

The third one is triangle box with diamond tray.

The fourth shape is diamond box with diamond tray.
The fifth shape is the circle box with circle tray.

The sixth one is Polygonal box with polygonal tray.

Such as hexagon box and octagon box.

And more shape please add whatsapp008618661816269 to get the professional box .


Fifth,the size of the box.

There are too many size of the box in the market , such as if you order the rectangle box , most of the eyelash packaging vendor will produce the smaller one for you to save the material and shipping cost instead of the good appearance.
But etude Lashes will produce the bigger one to make a good appearance. Which is beautiful and when you put into the lashes , you can easily sold them out.

3 The price of the eyelash custom packaging.
First , The price of the paper box .

Usually it is 1 usd each one if you make 100 to 200 boxes ,and the if you make a bulk order ,that will much cheaper, and if you buy the lashes together, you can ask for a discount.
And if you order the card-board magnetic box, that will a little bit expensive than paper box .

If if you order 100 boxes ,that will be 2 to 2.5 usd each one. And the more the cheaper.

And if you order a box that the eyelash box factory never do before, they will charge for the platemaking  free, and the next order you won’t pay for the platemakging fee , because you have already have one.
4 The importance of the eyelash custom packaging.

As we said before, a good eyelash packaging box can promote your sales. And will attract people’ attention.

And it will help you build your brand .

So if you want to make eyelash custom packaging order,  you can choose shalimar Lashes to be your custom packaging box vendor , we supply free design and top quality box with competitive wholesale lashes price.
If you want to make professional eyelash box with low budget , you may cooperate with us.


More skills and information please add whatsapp008618661816269 , we will give you a good wholesale price.
And we just design free for you , and will produce for you after the permission.
If you have no idea about the custom packaging we will supply you catalog to choose.
Wish you have a professional lash vendor and a professional packaging.